1. You once spent 2 hours on a drop shadow
  2. You added “Ruby” to your CV because you once scaffolded a Rails project
  3. You mention either coffee, music, pixels or veganism in your Twitter profile
  4. You describe your design as being “centered on the user” although you’ve never met one
  5. You have an animated desktop background
  6. You ask people to please press the “L” button
  7. You once redesigned Facebook by removing all the ads and increasing the whitespace by 300%
  8. You added “PHP” to your skill set because you managed to add a custom post type in WordPress
  9. You love flat design because you’re lazy and don’t want to deal with bloody gradients anymore
  10. You provide fellow designers constructive feedback by saying “Nice!” “Love this <3” and “Good work :)”
  11. You think “Information Density” is a scientific magazine
  12. You can create a brand identity by choosing a typeface and 4 different colours
  13. You will criticize an app because it looks ugly, although you’ve never used it or aren’t even in the target market
  14. You think Hacker News is a forum for cyber criminals
  15. Your favourite Spotify playlist is “Afternoon Acoustic”
  16. You claim to be an “UX Expert” although you never conducted any user study
  17. You always add a weather icon in the dashboards you design
  18. You wonder why visitors can’t read your website, although the ultra thin font you picked looked perfect on your 15” Retina MacBook Pro
  19. You added “Mobile Interaction Designer” to your description because you once designed a login screen in Photoshop
  20. You think SVN is a sports channel
  21. You tag all your portfolio projects with “Work In Progress”
  22. You wonder why your design doesn’t look as good with real data
  23. You added “Front End Development” to your CV because you managed to customize a Bootstrap theme
  24. You include animations in all your designs because you want to please recurrent users
  25. You think “Above the fold” is an indie rock band