For more than a month now, I’ve been on a cookie diet: I’ve disabled all browser cookies.

Blocking cookies in Chrome
No cookies for me anymore

Can’t login

The main issue is logging into any website, as Web authentication requires a cookie to be stored on the client’s computer.

Can't login to Twitter
It's like an infinite login loop

Can’t interact

Some basic interactions, like adding items to a cart, are not possible anymore.

Can't shop
I saved a lot of money

Can’t even browse sometimes

Some website don’t even load, because a script tries but fails to access localStorage.

Can't listen to music
MuteCloud, amirite?
Can't watch a video
The layout looks nice even with no content
Can't watch a vine
I waited more than 6 seconds, which defeats the whole purpose of watching the vine

I liked the Forbes one in particular.

This browser has no localStorage, we cannot prefetch.

Can't read Forbes
I like how relevant the quote was

Can GMail without Google

Weirdly enough, by allowing the pattern [*.], I can log in to GMail without being automaticlly logged in to Google, YouTube, and Blogger.

Is blocking cookies a good idea?

Honestly, it’s a pain to maintain. By using a whitelist strategy, every time I encounter a login form, I need to manually add the domain pattern to the list of approved websites. And when a website doesn’t load at all, I just don’t bother.

Do I feel less tracked and more secure? Of course! /s