While browsing Hacker News, I came across this article on the Zapier blog.

I couldn’t help but notice a problem with the menu.

Zapier blog menu
Menu from the Zapier blog

What’s the problem?

The problem? The “Click Dead Zone”.

Zapier blog menu
The famous "Click Dead Zone"

It’s not unusual to come across this problem across the Web, so I thought I’d give a simple advice!

Why does it happen?

It happens because the line-height is set to space out the list items, although it shouldn’t be used for that purpose.

.blog .content ol {
  font-size: 18px;
  line-height: 2em;

It’s that line-height: 2em! Works well for a single line, but quite unreadable (and unclickable) for multiple lines.

How do you fix that?

Glad you asked! Here’s the simple rule:

  • line-height should be used for readibility
  • padding should be used to space out the list items

Let’s say you want to keep each list item’s height to 2em.

First set the line-height to 1.2em which is readable for list items.

.blog .content ol {
  line-height: 1.2em;

This amounts to a 1.2em height for a single line. We’re missing 0.8em.

Let’s split this amount equally among the padding to keep the content vertically centered.

.blog .content ol li {
  padding: 0.4em;

And voilà !

Zapier fixed menu
Same height for 1 line
Improved readibility for multiple lines
No "Click Dead Zone"