September 2016

Arnaud Benard

You can be one of the best developers in London, you still need a gorgeous website to attract freelance contracts.

That's where I come in: a straightforward design, with identity and purpose.

January 2016


Creating a typeface from scratch is a designer's rite of passage. I was too lazy so I wrote a CSS framework instead.

Inspired by Bootstrap, Bulma aims at offering everyone the joy of website design, through the simplicity of flebox, the elegance of Sass, and the experience of a CSS Guru.

November 2015

MarkSheet v2

Throughout a decade of frontend design, I have acquired both a reasonable set of CSS skills and an unwavering desire to share my knowledge.

This free tutorial is my humble attempt to contribute to the community-driven information platform that the Web is and always will be.

March 2014

Ivan Ballini Estates

When Ivan asked me to design and code his real estate website, his sole and primary focus was to emphasize the main asset that drives users: pictures.

Rarely have I had the privilege to work with such high quality content, which ultimately what design is all about.

November 2013

CSS Off 2013

I've always wanted to evaluate my CSS skills against fellow designers.

I came across this single page coding test, which unfortunately was never reviewed by anyone.

October 2013


Jumping on the Angular JS hype train, I came up with a simple project to test out a new technology while providing something relatively useful and fun.

Using the YouTube API, JukeTube allows to easily queue and play videos, like an amateur and poor DJ.

September 2013


My oldest and still (relatively) active website.

What started off as a simple WordPress blog has throughout the years suffered from enjoyed cyclical changes and drastic code rewrites, until I switched to writing in English and publishing with GitHub.

April 2012

Cambodia Vietnam 2010

Even before going on this trip in South East Asia, I had in mind a single page website where each city would be granted its own unique design.

After a lot of delays, the website was finalised almost 2 years after its inception and embodies my first decently sized jQuery project.

September 2009

Editions Magellan

My first freelance project: a travel book publisher based in Paris.

A complete solution with both front and backend, and up this day, one of my favourite graphical design.

June 2007


My first CSS website but already dealing with floating columns, background sprites, and IE hacks.

Although a lot has changed in a decade, I was already attracted by the idea of CSS being simple but not easy.