I wish browsers would prompt me, not only to remember my password (which actually remember both login and password), but also my login only. The thing is, I don’t mind having my login stored in my browser (and consequentially giving other users potential access to) because it can be (and sometimes is) publically known.

The problem I encounter is due to my quite common name: Jeremy Thomas. I’m French, but this name is not only common in France but in English-speaking countries too, which are more prone to hold early users of web apps, and thus early subscribers.

So I have to fall back on one of my nicknames, based upon my first: boomshanka (which is also widely-adopted). These are boomy, boomybx, bbx…

But again, username choice is often constrained by:

  • availability (jthomas, jeremythomas, jeremyt… always taken)
  • character count (boomy, bbx or jt, is almost always too short)
  • special characters (spaces, underscores)
  • required characters (like numbers, rare though)

So, among dozens of websites, I end up with a dozen of different logins which I would like my browser to remember, without compromising the security of having also my passwords stored.

Even the solution of forcing users to use their email as login isn’t viable because it’s terribly long to write.