A web bookmark is a kind of skeuomorphic element where a physical object is used in a digital context to elumate the same function. But whereas a web bookmark saves a location, a physical bookmark saves a progress. Both aren’t exactly used the same way, because you rarely change the URI of a web bookmark, whereas you constantly update the location of your thin marker while reading a book, only to remove it when you’ve reached the end.

I wish there was a way to update your web bookmarks. For example, I’ve started watching online the Seinfeld episodes from the start, and to keep track of my progress, I need to write a note about which episode I’ve watched last. I’ve also been reading Learn Python The Hard Way, and I need to write down which lesson I’m at. I could keep track of my progress by relying on the color of visited links, but most websites don’t implement the a:visited CSS feature. And although I could use Firebug or the WebInspector to set a color for those links, it’s still a debious way to save a progress.

There is a Firefox add-on called Update Bookmark which seems to implement that feature, but it hasn’t been updated since 2008 and doesn’t work with the latest Firefox.

It wouldn’t be hard to develop such a feature (as an add-on or natively in the browser) but I wonder if I’m the only one considering updating my bookmarks from time to time.