Creating interfaces with Bulma

The official Bulma book

Build an interface with Bulma components, customize it with Sass, and learn how to integrate it with your favourite JS environment
Bulma book book cover

Build and customize a whole admin interface

This book is significantly useful because it allows you to create an interface from scratch. There are resources about other frameworks, but they are more theoretical and say a lot of singular concepts without allowing you to practice creating an entire website interface.

Samantha Baita

UX/UI Designer

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Understanding Bulma, terminology, and concepts
Chapter 2
Creating and controlling forms with Bulma
Chapter 3
Creating navigations and vertical menus
Chapter 4
Creating responsive grids with common components
Chapter 5
Creating breadcrumbs and file upload fields
Chapter 6
Creating tables and selecting dropdown
Chapter 7
Creating more tables and selecting dropdowns
Chapter 8
Creating notifications and cards
Chapter 9
Using Bulma with Vanilla JavaScript
Chapter 10
Using Bulma with Angular
Chapter 11
Using Bulma with Vue
Chapter 12
Using Bulma with React
Chapter 13
Customizing Bulma

This book is much more useful and more interesting than other resources as it builds an impressive administration website interface (a final project) and explains how to add functionality to native components using JavaScript. I learned a lot about the elements and components of the Bulma framework and how to integrate them together.

Stanley Eosakul

Full-Stack Web Developer