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Beautiful customisable books for children.

Fabula grants parents the power to create a book so unique that its authenticity only matches the dimension of their child's dreams.



Frontend Development

Backend Development

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A brand for the whole family.

Fabula is a company of near infinite possibilities. Parents can create a personalised book for their children. The brand needed to reflect this incredible freedom.

The logo needed to both capture the amount of choices available, and how this vastness could be captured into a physical book you could offer. I imagined an open book with different colors that represented the range of opportunities.

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The brand also had to appeal to all ages. While it is the parent who will initially make the purchase, the child is the one who will inevitably be captured by the book's story. The color palette had to match the immensity of a child's imagination.

Jeremy quickly designed and built a slick frontend with a well organised and maintainable codebase.
Great communication skills and meticulous attention to details made the process very pleasant.

Christian RishøjLead Developer

An endless sea of dreams.

The key to creating a unique book for your child is to have the ability to personalize it to the very core.

What Fabula provides is an incredible engine where all the aspects of the story are customisable: names, eyes, hair styles, colors, birth dates, and much more.

By displaying a plethora of options, Fabula gives the user all the power to create the book of their child's dreams.

And when a single book can have 15+ variables, the possibilities are simply endless.

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Writers and illustrators needed a way to publish and develop current and upcoming books on their own. The Product Managers also required an online CMS to update the content of the website.

The specific needs of the Fabula team meant that we needed to build a custom solution.

Using Laravel, we created an online admin panel from the ground up.

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Because time and ergonomics were of the essence, I used my own CSS framework Bulma to build a fully fledged web UI in a matter of days.

In the end, we managed to translate a complex engine into a simple interface.