I'm a freelance UI/UX designer and developer who builds websites for clients all around the world.

I am currently accepting new contracts starting October 2019.
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When working on branding and logos, I always start by sketching out dozens of ideas quickly on paper, then choose the best ones to vectorize on my computer.

I then work on the details to finalise the logo.

JT drawing
Sketching on paper
JT vector
Vectorizing the shape
JT jt-complete
Finalising the design

2UI Design

After playing around with Photoshop for fun, I decided to become a graphic designer.

I've now spent more than a decade mastering the Adobe Suite and Sketch.


My boss once described me as a "CSS Guru" and the nickname has stuck ever since.

CSS is the skill I am known for, mostly because I've created
HTML Reference, CSS Reference and Bulma.


Ever since I coded my first dynamic website, I've been using WordPress as my CMS.

I code every theme I make 100% from scratch, because every solution is unique.

I've even written a complete tutorial in French.



JavaScript is inevitable when coding the frontend.
After playing with jQuery and moving to Vanilla JS, I'm now prominent with React, having styled many apps using Sass and CSS Modules.
This website itself is built using CSS GatsbyJS.

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