Ask HN: Dark mode for HN please?
575 points by krm01 14 hours ago | flag | hide | past | web | favorite | 346 comments
Of all places, HN should be dark mode by default, without any of us using a plugin or specific browser. I don't want my eyes to burn when I'm browsing HN at night on my phone. Anyone?

Ok, you guys, this isn't the first time we've heard this request ( I'm willing to do it (edit: not to change the default! just to add the option). It's just that any CSS issue that goes more than a quarter-inch deep is equally outside my expertise and my interest, so help would be welcome.

We can add CSS to for prefers-color-scheme: dark, but that leaves open the question of specifically what CSS to put in there. Anyone who wants to make a suggestion is welcome to. Post it in this thread so others can comment, or email it to [email protected] I've roped Zain, YC's designer, into helping with this, and we'll come up with something.

p.s. If you're inclined to post "this is 2020, how come HN doesn't $thing", remember our motto: move slowly and preserve things: When I say slowly I mean slowly. This is also called alligator energy.

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