Real Estate.

When Ivan Ballini asked me to design the 4th version of his website, I put the emphasis on what makes this agency so unique: its photographs.


Frontend Development

Backend Development

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Jeremy simply created the most beautiful real estate website in the world.

Ivan Ballini

A feast for the eyes.

I always say that the primary purpose of design is to enhance the presentation of the content it's applied to.

On a real estate website, the content is comprised of house descriptions, price ranges, and technical details. But most importantly it features pictures. And in Ivan Ballini's case, exceptional pictures.

Since the v1, 100% of our customers have given us rave reviews: «We have never seen anything quite like this… Who made this website for you?»

Ivan Ballini


With the 4th version of the website, we wanted to make a bold statement: give the user an instant visual impact. Ivan was spending even more time on perfecting each property picture.

As a result, my primary concern was to remove all boundaries and give Ivan's pictures the importance they deserved.

In the end, the pictures took a front row seat, while still allowing visitors to discover the details of each property.

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Before: boxed images
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After: large borderless images
The V4 benefits from an ultra modern design and extraordinary display performance for the ultimate user experience.

Ivan Ballini

Hello Drone

Ivan also started experimenting with his drone videos and managed to capture fantastic aerial shots, which ended up on the homepage of the website.

The visitors are greeted with splendid views of Normandy, inviting them to discover Ivan Ballini's website, and experience the pleasure of admiring his superb photography.