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A video game company with a family-first attitude, whose purpose is to innovate and create immersive, meaningful experiences.



Frontend Development

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Jeremy was instrumental in defining our vision & our brand. His intuitive, collaborative work style brought out the best in us and steered us towards a style we're so proud of.

Callum Cooper-BrightingCEO

“Inclusive, diverse, but above all fun.”

This sentence was the initial pitch Callum provided me. The video company he was building was unlike any other: it was about more than just playing.

The challenge for me was to design a brand instantly recognizable by the gaming community, but unique enough to stand out in a crowded digital space.

We've had nothing but positive feedback about how unique our website & brand are; and how well they tie to the company & our vision.

Callum Cooper-BrightingCEO

One world.
Endless possibilities.

When Callum approached to design the brand of his new video game company, he emphasized the idea of how Netspeak Games are about building games that bring people together.

With that in mind, I started to visualize a logo that would encompass the 3D aspect of modern gaming while capturing the idea of a community accepting diversity. I focused on drawing simple shapes, reminiscent of the simple message echoed here: everyone is welcome.

I came up with this logo that symbolises an environment (the pink shape) surrounding a core element (the yellow cube).

This setup enables us to imagine different combinations:

  • the world and the player
  • the engine and the gameplay
  • the community and the friend

In the end, the logo is abstract enough for anybody to envision what they want to see, and identifiable enough to be associated with Netspeak Games.

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Seriously Jeremy, that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Adam BoardDirector