I have designed and developed interfaces for the following brands:

Jeremy is the kind of developer one dreams about working with, and I would not hesitate to hire him again.

Joe BezdekPrincipal at Bez Brand

Great communication skills and meticulous attention to details made the process very pleasant.

Christian RishøjLead Fabula Developer

Jeremy's intuitive, collaborative work style brought out the best in us and steered us towards a style we're so proud of.

Callum Cooper-BrightingNetspeak Games CEO

Since the v1, 100% of our customers have given us rave reviews: «We have never seen anything quite like this… Who made this website for you?»

Ivan BalliniFounder

Open source contributions

My CSS framework based on Flexbox
Guide to all HTML elements and attributes
Visual guide to all CSS properties
Innovative tutorial
Interactive tutorial
Tiny modern CSS reset
Style your Markdown or WYSIWYG content

Fun stuff

F1 Standings
All F1 standings and races calendar, simple and intuitive
All football leagues, with classic and alternative tables

Books I've written

Learn how to build your own webpage from scratch with my step by step guide
CSS in 44 minutes
Build an interface with Bulma components, customize it with Sass, and learn how to integrate it with your favourite JS environment
Creating interfaces with Bulma
Available April 2022