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CSS in 44 minutes

A small ebook written by JT @jgthms

Learn how to build your own webpage from scratch with my step by step guide
Learn how to build thisLearn how to build this

Thank you so very much for writing this book, I am loving it!

CSS has been my weak spot, and I am determined to develop my skills in this area.

Your book has already blown my mind in multiple categories that I thought I had previously understood regarding CSS.

Rhett Trom, a happy reader

Great course, first time building a page with CSS and JavaScript together!

Instructions were pretty easy to follow, and Jeremy was quick to respond regarding a question I had with loading JS.

Karen Bellamy, a beginner in frontend development

Learn step by step

What you will learn

  • Set up a valid HTML5 document
  • Write semantic markup
  • Insert responsive Retina-ready images
  • Design a 100% responsive page
  • Understand how media queries work
  • Use CSS Flexbox to lay out your components
  • Add visual feedback with CSS Transitions
  • Bring your page to life with CSS Animations
  • Make use of Google Fonts
  • Include and style Font Awesome 5 icons

What's included

  • Static image

    44 pages eBook

    In pdf format

  • Static image

    Responsive-ready images

    To display the optimal image for each device

  • Static image

    6 CSS best practices

    The best practices I've acquired over a decade

  • Static image

    Full source code

    So you can play with the final result instantly

  • Static image

    4 design variations

    See how you can set your own style

CSS in 44 minutes gave me everything I need to get started on the front end.

I have worked as a backend developer for 5 years. When I first started coding, any kind of frontend work felt like a mess, so I always avoided it.

That is, until I stumbled on CSS in 44 minutes.

A concise, simple and appropriately opinionated guide, I strongly recommend reading this book.

Jonathan Meier, a backend developer going fullstack
CSS in 44 minutes book coverWhat the book would look like if it was actually printed!What the book would look like if it was actually printed!

Regular $15

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    Ebook 44 pages pdf
  • Static image
    Assets 5 images + 1 CSS reset
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Deluxe $20

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    Ebook 44 pages pdf
  • Static image
    Assets 25 images + 5 HTML files + 7 CSS files + 1 JS file
  • Static image
    Source code HTML + CSS + JS
  • Static image
    4 variations with their HTML and CSS