CSS in 44 minutes

A small ebook written by @jgthms

Learn how to build your own webpage from scratch with my step by step guide

Thank you so very much for writing this book, I am loving it!

CSS has been my weak spot, and I am determined to develop my skills in this area.

Your book has already blown my mind in multiple categories that I thought I had previously understood regarding CSS.

Rhett Trom, a happy reader

Great course, first time building a page with CSS and JavaScript together!

Instructions were pretty easy to follow, and Jeremy was quick to respond regarding a question I had with loading JS.

Learn step by step

Step screenshot
Step screenshot
Step screenshot
Step screenshot
Step screenshot

What you will learn

  • Set up a valid HTML5 document
  • Write semantic markup
  • Insert responsive Retina-ready images
  • Design a 100% responsive page
  • Understand how media queries work
  • Use CSS Flexbox to lay out your components
  • Add visual feedback with CSS Transitions
  • Bring your page to life with CSS Animations
  • Make use of Google Fonts
  • Include and style Font Awesome 5 icons

What's included

  • 44 pages eBook

    In pdf format

  • Responsive-ready images

    To display the optimal image for each device

  • 6 CSS best practices

    The best practices I've acquired over a decade

  • Full source code

    So you can play with the final result instantly

  • 4 design variations

    See how you can set your own style

CSS in 44 minutes book cover

Regular $15

  • Ebook 44 pages pdf
  • Assets 5 images + 1 CSS reset
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Deluxe $20

  • Ebook 44 pages pdf
  • Assets 25 images + 5 HTML files + 7 CSS files + 1 JS file
  • Source code HTML + CSS + JS
  • 4 variations with their HTML and CSS
  • Page screenshot
    Page screenshot
    Page screenshot
    Page screenshot

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