I'm a freelance UI/UX designer and developer who builds websites for clients all around the world.

I am currently accepting new contracts starting February 2019.
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UI Design

After playing around with Photoshop for fun, I decided to become a graphic designer.

I've now spent more than a decade mastering the Adobe Suite and Sketch, although you can learn web design in 4 minutes apparently…


A few years ago, my second boss described me as a "CSS Guru" and the nickname has stuck ever since.

CSS is the skill I am known for, mostly because I've created CSS Reference and Bulma.

On a side note, my first CSS website hand-coded in 2007 still exists.


Ever since I coded my first dynamic website, I've been using WordPress as my goto platform.

I code every theme I make 100% from scratch, because every solution is unique.

I've even written a complete tutorial in French.


JavaScript has eaten the world and is a requirement for any serious frontend development.

You can however learn it in 14 minutes

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